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Look and Contemplate the greatness of Allah

Look and Contemplate

Just look at the millions of brilliant stars on their finely ordered courses. Despite their vast numbers and the incredible speed of their flight, they do not collide one against the other. Look at the earth and its seas and mountains, and look at its people and its animals.

Who holds them on the brink of existence and saves them from certain destruction? measuring their provision? Creating different groups of creatures, causing therewith a great balance, if you eleminate snakes there will a problem of mice outbreak.

Look how Allah assigned different types of food for different types of living things. For instance, we can not eat the stinky flesh that eagles bear to eat.

Look at the sun.Who fuels its furnace and keeps it burning steadily, neither too hot nor too cold, century after century? If the earth were to approach it but only a little, it would be burned to a cinder and if it were to stray away from it by only a little, it would be frozen solid. After such signs would anyone require more evidence of a Creator?

 Just forget about looking at the universe. Think about yourself how you were created and developed?

Is not the fruit of the womb a sign of Allah? Are not blood vessels and arteries and hearts, fingerprints never the same from one person to another, even the eyeball, no one is identical to the other.

are not these also signs of the supreme Creator? But in comparison to this enormous universe which Allah has created, we are only a very small sign, as Allah said:

The creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most of mankind know not” (40:57).

Shouldn’t we show and deal seriously with this Great God?

            This greatness of God His perfect creating reflect the great purpose of creating us which vas majority of people neither contemplate nor give it that seriousness.

Let us read what God says in the Quran:

« O believers, let not your possessions neither your children divert you from God's remembrance; whosoever does that, they are indeed the losers. And Expend of what We have provided you, before death comes upon one of you, and he will say, 'O my Lord, if only You delay me unto a near term, so that I may give charity, and become one of the righteous.' But God will never delay any soul when its term comes. For God is aware of the things you do.» (63:11)

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  1. الشيخ عبدالرحمن- دمشقية

    Today, is the life of work, not of reward, but tomorrow is the day of reward not work.


    The believer knows well that this world is not our eternal abode, rather it is a place of work and of trial. We are, no matter how long we are present in it; only passers-by in this fleeting world, on our way to success and happiness or on our way to failure and misery.


    Belief in the Last Day has a deep effect on people’s lives, for it gives us our strongest motive to be vigilant about the correctness of our actions and the sincerity of our intentions. 

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