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C.V – Dr Abdul Rahman Dimashqiah

Résumé or (C.V)


Abdul Rahman Dimachkie

Translator, lecturer & researcher





1.  PHD: Open American University – Islamic studies.

2. Master degree: from Al-wifaq university in Pakistan 1997

3. Bachelor: Imam Mohamad Bin Suad (Saudi university).                                                          

Duration of study: 1985-1989

Type of study: Islamic teachings – Essential doctrines

Date of graduation:  19/6/1989

Place of graduation:  Batch. certificate. from Lebanon 11/September/1979






Nationality: Lebanese.

Place of birth: Beirut – Lebanon

Date of birth: 11 – June 1957



Skills and abilities


4.  A worldwide lecturer who is currently in an Imam in Plymouth Islamic educational trust.

Obtained a certification of English Courses for teaching, from the Arabic Modern school. Semester 1980-1981. Given Certificate in 13/4/1982


5. Teacher of English language, hand writing arts, computer, and Religious studies.


Period of teaching     Teaching in Riyadh Assaliheen school for the semester  

                                    1990-1991 and 1992-1993 and 1995-1996

                                    taught in Riyadh Najed school. 1996-1997.


6. English teaching certificate from the ministry of education of Saudi Arabia. Issued on July 1990 Document number (3815/4).


7. One year experience of Manuscript computing working in King Faisal Charitable foundation.


8.   Author of many Islamic books, among them a book titled as “Let Us Remember Allah”, as well as many other books.


9- Other computer working since1984.




Author of Books


  • Encyclopedia of biblical verse for Muslim use
  • Let the Bible speak
  • Let us Reason together (A dialogue with Christians from my heart) or (Towards A better Methodology of inviting people to Islam)
  • Let us remember Allah  
  • Life after Death
  • Supplications & prayers
  • The world we are heading for
  • True Belief a pre-Condition for Salvation
  • Why we live & where we go


10. Resident in Saudi Arabia for thirty years. Working their as teacher and librarian.

11. Living in The UK supervising an Islamic centre in Plymouth city.


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